While building the system we have conducted some research to identify the need for the solution. Below are some of the key findings we discovered during our research and the references used.



  • The average total of working hours per week is 54.4 hours. An average of 23 hours of this time is spent on lessons and the rest of the time is spent on 'non-teaching tasks'.

  • This means just 43% of their time is spent teaching, while the rest is used to plan lessons (13%), mark work (11%) and complete administrative jobs (7%).

  • Teachers spend an average of 5 to 6 hours each week preparing and marking students' work. This time is spent outside school hours.

  • The majority (93%) of respondents to the government survey in 2016 stated that workload in their school was at least a fairly serious problem.

  • Over three-quarters of staff were dissatisfied with the number of hours they usually worked

  • Key Stage 3 teachers reported spending an average of 6.1 hours on marking/correcting pupil work, compared to 8.0 hours for secondary school classroom teachers and middle leaders.

  • In 2018, lower secondary teachers in England spent on average 46.9 hours a week working, up from 45.9 hours five years ago.


  • The responses in this report provide a challenging and, in many cases, deeply worrying analysis of the workload crisis that teachers are currently facing. It provides further evidence of the extent and causes of the drastic recruitment and retention problems many schools and academies are experiencing.

  • More than 8 out of 10 respondents said they had considered leaving teaching as a result of unmanageable workload issues.

  • Over half said recent changes to the curriculum and pupil assessment were a significant driver of workload.

  • Over 80% of teachers are now teaching more hours than the average teaching hours in 2016

  • 81% of respondents said they have considered leaving teaching in the last year because of workload

  • One third of respondents said their workload in the past year has never been manageable

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